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Pink and Green Star Anise


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The Pink and Green Star Anise lampshade is handmade from recycled cotton paper designed by Craft Boat in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The paper is created through the ancient art of paper making which recycles remnants from the garment industry in India.

The lampshade is lined with cream card and finished with a cream cotton trim. Due to the size of the paper the larger lampshades (Medium and above) will need 2 sheets of paper and therefore there will be an additional seam. 

The following describes the dimensions of each lampshade in the size drop down:

T = Top diameter of lampshade in cm

B = Bottom diameter of lampshade in cm

H = Height from Top to Bottom in cm

Please do check with me if you would like further clarification.

All my paper lampshades are handmade to order by me from my studio in West London.  For the Medium and larger sized lampshades I would recommend a duplex fitting which will require a 'shade carrier' which you can add to your order from the below drop down (not applicable for US/European clients).
Please just add a note to your order or email me regarding alternative fittings (including candle/harp/ceiling), a quote for bespoke sizing, samples of my papers or any other questions.  
The Petite Empire Pink and Green Star Anise lampshade pictured here is on my Sweet Pea Pink Lamp and my Poppy Red Lamp.

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