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Tall Char in Sweet Pea Pink - LOW STOCK


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If in stock, my glossy lamps can normally be despatched within a working week. If you do order both a lamp and a lampshade I will try and  get your combined order to you as quickly as I can.

The Tall Char Lamp in Sweet Pea Pink is hand painted with a super shiny pale pink high gloss lacquer finish.

The striking and elegant design of my Tall Glossy Lamp lends itself just as comfortably to both a formal or a more relaxed playroom/bar setting. Most commonly used as a hall, mantlepiece or side table lamp the brilliant and shiny colour will add instant impact to any interior scheme - hence why it has become one of my most popular items.

The high gloss lacquer has been achieved through the careful application of multiple layers of paints and cellulose. This has been created by hand from an artist's studio in London.

The lamp base is made in England from solid Beech hardwood, has a 3 core black twisted flex (approximately 2 metres in length) and a smart black 3 pin UK plug. For international clients the glossy lamps can be ordered unwired (on request).

The diameter of the base is 15cm and the total height of the lamp is 45cm (to the brass fitting is 40cm).

The combination of the Petite, Petite Empire, Small, Small Empire, Small Stromboli and Skirt (I would recommend a utility fitting) and Medium (a duplex fitting) sized lampshades all work very well on my glossy lamps.

The lampshades on my Sweet Pea Pink glossy Lamp are Pink & Green Star Anise (Petite Empire size), Saffron (Small Empire size), Pink and Yellow Star Anise (Small Empire size) and the Pleated Pink and Red Star Anise (Petite size).

The lamp bases have been fully tested in compliance with EU legislation for health and safety. 

If you are an American/European client the glossy lamps can either be made (with a small additional fee) US/European fittings or sent unwired. 

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