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Craft Boat Amber Yellow


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The Amber Yellow lampshade is made from mustard yellow recycled paper and finished with a cream cotton trim. 

The pin holes are hand sewn with matching yellow cotton. The pattern forms a decorative finish on the outside and contrasting pattern on the (cream card) lined interior of the lampshade. When the light is switched on the pin holes create a wonderful twinkly illumination. 

The following describes the dimensions of each lampshade in the size drop down:

T = Top diameter of lampshade in cm

B = Bottom diameter of lampshade in cm

H = Height from Top to Bottom in cm

As all my paper lampshades are handmade to order from my studio you can choose which fitting you would prefer (candle clip or pendant at the top or European fitting at the bottom), please just add a note at the checkout. 
Please note:
As the paper is handmade there may be some slight variation in colour from the above photograph.
Both Wall Light sizes work very well with wall fittings and the Petite Wall Light size is ideal for chandeliers. If you are planning on pairing the Pin Sewn lampshades with my Glossy Lamps I would recommend the Wall Light size with the Small sized lamp. The images below are of the Petite Wall Light and the Wall Light size (with light off and on).  On the glossy lamps;  the Small Berry Black, Veberna and Moss Green Glossy Lamps.

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